#5KChallenge for United Way Update!

In the words of the late Coretta Scott King, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate action of its members.” could not resonate with us more than it does today.

Peterborough is truly a community in which we believe some of the most selfless, kind, compassionate, and generous people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting/knowing/working with live.

As the #5KChallenge continues, we are amazed by the support and generosity of our community, pulling together in support of the United Way of Peterborough & District bringing us one-step closer to reaching the United Way of Peterborough & District’s 2018 Campaign goal of raising $1,850,000.00 for our community.

UW Infographic Poster 2017

We couldn’t be more pleased to share that we now have 12 confirmed business/community builders that have accepted the #5KChallenge, and we could not be more grateful and appreciative of these individuals ongoing support of the United Way of Peterborough and furthermore their commitment to the Peterborough community.

A BIG thank you goes out to…

And of course the 4 other donors (you know who you are!) who wish to be left anonymous at this time.

We truly could not have raised $45,000 (to-date) without you, and thank you once again for your support and generous contribution to the United Way of Peterborough & District.

But, we aren’t done yet, Peterborough!

So, if you’re reading this post and are interested in getting involved in the #5KChallenge for the United Way of Peterborough & District, follow the link below to learn how YOU can make a lasting impact & difference in our community…