Whether starting from scratch or having a mature business, nothing is more exciting than the thought of growing a business. We work closely and strategically with clients to intelligently increase the growth of their businesses.

We offer customized growth advisory services which allow our clients the ability to access experienced professional advice with respect to the directions a business needs to take to intelligently and strategically increase and grow their businesses.

Some of the business growth services we offer consist of the following:

  • Bank financing and sourcing of funds – When a business is getting started or when an existing business is looking to expand, one of the major constraints to such opportunity is sourcing funds to facilitate such plans. At Gauvreau & Associates we work with our clients to provide the necessary reporting and documentation required to obtain financing from a number of sources. Whether it is working with primary bank lenders or other private lenders, we provide the support to facilitate the sourcing of necessary funds.
  • Monthly or quarterly meetings and financial analysis – We offer the opportunity to meet on a monthly or quarterly basis to review the financial performance of the business and to make logical sense out of internally generated financial reports. These meetings allow for stronger financial understanding of historical results and identify what needs to change in the business going forward to produce better financial results.
  • KPI’s – We determine the key performance indicators for your specific business and create dashboards that you can access daily, weekly and monthly so that you can make better informed decisions.