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The Build vs. Buy Equation

If you’re wondering what your business might be worth to an acquirer, there is a simple calculation you can use....Read More

How to Rebrand in a Way that Bears Fruit, For You and Your Customers

A change in your product or service isn’t enough on its own (but don’t forget to sell it from the...Read More

Learning From Acquisitions That Fall Apart

John McCann sold The Bolt Supply House to Lawson Products (NASDAQ: LAWS) at the end of 2017. McCann’s strategy involved...Read More

We’re Moving!

There has been massive momentum in downtown Peterborough lately with lots of exciting initiatives and future possibilities in the business...Read More

Community Futures #FinancialFriday – Friday, June 8th

This coming Friday, June 8th our Manager of Taxation & Business Advisory, Adam Crowley will be leading Community Futures #FinancialFriday...Read More

6th Annual #PaintPtboRed in Support of the United Way of Peterborough & District

Have you heard who’s co-chairing the United Way of Peterborough & District – 2018 #PaintPtboRed event? Our own, Ash Vititoe...Read More

Changes to the Ontario Government’s Controversial Holiday Pay

Brenda Bouw Special to The Globe and Mail Published May 7th, 2018 Moe Doiron/The Globe and Mail The Ontario Liberal...Read More

How Your Age Shapes Your Exit Plan

Your age has a big impact on your attitude toward your business, and your feelings about one day getting out...Read More

Launch Your Future 2018 Conference

Earlier today our President & CEO, Bob Gauvreau was invited to be the opening keynote speaker at CPA Ontario’s Launch...Read More

Growing Fast? Here’s What’s Likely To Kill Your Company

If your goal is to grow your business fast, you need a positive cash flow cycle or the ability to...Read More