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About Us

Gauvreau was founded in 2008 as a licensed public accounting firm built on three core fundamental principles.

1. To provide the highest quality professional services

2. To provide a proactive approach to tax and business planning

3. To boldly reimagine the professional services experience to support entrepreneurs and business owners in maximising their global impact.

What began as a small public accounting firm has grown into a vibrant community of 100+ professionals that ignites passion, fuels innovation and drives success in the entrepreneurial space. Together we embrace our vision to move great ideas forward which inspires the continuous expansion of our suite of professional services.


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Our Suite of Professional Services


Corporate Year Ends Filed Annually


Bookkeeping Work Orders Completed Annually


Personal Taxes Filed Annually

Accounting & Financial Reporting

With our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional service, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of finance with confidence so you can focus on what matters - growing your business.

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Business Advisory Services

As a business owner you may have many concerns including how to grow revenue, generate better cash flow, accumulate wealth, or how to get your business ready for succession or sale. Our leadership team focuses on proving you strategic advice based on your business’s unique needs and are dedicated to helping you succeed.

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Bookkeeping Services

We deliver accurate and timely data to support your critical business decisions. Our expertly trained team of bookkeepers handle all the complex tech, so you don’t have to. Experience seamless onboarding and dedicated support that ensures you're leveraging all the available features to their maximum capabilities.

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Business Tax Services

Tax laws are intricate and multifaceted, the complexity often making it difficult for small business owners to fully understand their options and filing obligations. With our tax expertise, we help you identify savings, ensure compliance, and provide proactive long-term tax planning that takes the guesswork out of your finances.

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Estate Tax Services

A trust is a fiduciary arrangement that allows a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries. We frequently use trust structures for both tax planning opportunities and estate planning opportunities as well as for a required filing upon the death of an individual taxpayer

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Personal Tax Services

As an individual you have many questions related to how to properly plan for retirement, how to maximize your wealth, and how to minimize your taxes. At Gauvreau we work with thousands of individuals in helping them achieve their financial freedom.

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Legal Services

We're committed to offering you unmatched legal support, always putting your needs at the forefront. We pride ourselves on having a deep grasp of the complexities within the legal world, which keeps us steps ahead and ensures we offer efficient support.

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Migration Services

Our Accounting Software Migration to QuickBooks Online is a holistic service that bridges your business's past with a more efficient, insightful future, ensuring continuity, accuracy, and enhanced financial management.

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Million Dollar Year Program

This Million Dollar Year Peak Performance Program is designed for entrepreneurs who want to increase the financial results within their business and scale to the next level, but don't quite know how to do it with confidence, certainty, and with a roadmap designed to generate business results.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Running a business like mine has its fair share of complications, some ordinary and some that are out in left field. Regardless of how complicated the problem, the advise and knowledge you give to solve these situations is worth every penny. You've built a great team and it shows.
Steve S
As a digital business owner I have found it hard to find a company that understands what I do and how to maximize my tax strategy until I found Gauvreau. The team is outstanding and for the first time ever I feel 100% supported in my accounting needs.
Kara C.
I love watching Bob grow personally as well as his team. His commitment to success is evident, he is an inspiring leader. Gauvreau makes outstanding hiring decisions and being a client I am confident the best people are handling my financial affairs!
Shirley T
Love the whole team! They make our accounting needs manageable and I no longer dread CRA! For years I spent so much of my energy as an entrepreneur worrying about bookkeeping, taxes and dreaded phone calls or letters from CRA- I don't have those worries anymore, and it means I can commit so much extra energy to my business and my family!
Kate L
The team at Gauvreau puts my mind at ease when it comes to taxes, payroll, and so much more. I honestly can't imagine running a business without them and recommend their services to everyone! They are always quick to respond, they answer my ridiculous questions, and everyone I've dealt with has been absolutely wonderful.
Desiree K
Excellent Services. They have a lot of expertise, they really care about their clients. They cheers and support the client in his journey. They don't only look your past financial numbers they develop some strategies for your future to help you to achieve the next level really quick. I met a lot of CPA in my life, never like Bob and his team.
Caroline Doyle
Coach Caroline Doyle Inc
The best accounting firm that we have ever dealt with!! They work together with us and support our company goals and are always available to help us with everything that we as business owners come across. They have been there helping us through Covid and actually thriving through a very challenging time!
Debbie C
Working with Shauna and Bob have been both time-saving and money-saving. They always have helpful advice on the many questions I have, and I appreciate that the most!
Taryn D.
Best decision I’ve made for my business. My stress load has significantly reduced in regards to keeping track of expenses, filings, deadlines and clarity of where my business stands monthly.
Tina B.
I'm exceptionally happy with all the services provided. The Gauvreau team are knowledgeable, professional, thorough and supportive on all counts.
Ernie P.
Gauvreau is always there to answer any questions. Our business is complex and they handle it with ease and professionally. I highly recommend.
Gillian F

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