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Founder and CEO of Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, Best-Selling Author of The Wealthy Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Business Coach

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Robert’s experience and knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur seeking advice on how to build a successful business. Robert engages the North American entrepreneurial community as a highly sought-after public speaker and featured writer across television, podcasts, blogs and stages, (virtual and in-person).

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Million Dollar Year Program

Robert’s passion for helping entrepreneurs keeps him developing new and innovative solutions including his coaching program, Million Dollar Year. It‘s a one-of-a-kind community helping entrepreneurs identify their goals, create vision to results action plan, unlock their full potential, generate sustainable results, and create real impact in the world. The question is, are you ready?

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Robert Gauvreau Million Dollar Year

The Wealthy Entrepreneur Book

As an entrepreneur, business strategist, and financial expert, author Robert Gauvreau works with over 500 entrepreneurs across North America, helping them create their vision, execute their goals, and create extraordinary financial results in their business.If you are looking to implement a simple framework that will provide you with financial clarity and extraordinary results in your business, The Wealthy Entrepreneur will get you started on your journey toward realizing financial freedom.

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The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast

Introducing The Wealthy Entrepreneur Podcast, where we unravel the Profit Simple framework, turning your business's vision into a roadmap for financial success. Join us as we provide simple yet powerful episodes for extraordinary results and financial clarity. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a journey towards financial freedom!

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Robert Gauvreau

Founder and CEO of Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, Best-Selling Author of The Wealthy Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Business Coach

Robert is an award-winning FCPA who works exclusively with entrepreneurs to help them make more money and gain financial clarity in their businesses. As a financial expert and author, Robert shares his insight and wisdom as a public speaker, is often cited in major business journals related to money, finances, and entrepreneurship, and works directly with more than 500 businesses across North America, helping them build a better business and generate greater financial performance.

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In-Person and Virtual Programs That Inspire, Educate and Motivate

Robert’s experience and knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur seeking advice on how to build a successful business. Robert engages the North American entrepreneurial community as a highly sought-after public speaker and featured writer across television, podcasts, blogs and stages, (virtual and in-person).

Some notable speaking engagements include The Multifamily Real Estate Conference, Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference, CanadianSME Expo, The Ascent Summit, The Globe and Mail Small Business Summit, Breakfast Televisions and many more. 

As a result of his expertise in the field, Robert has become a leading authority on the topic as a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and Forbes Coaches Council.

The #1 Piece of Advice For Entrepreneurs To Achieve Success

The GaryVee Audio Experience
Bob Gauvreau and GaryVee at the Ascent Summit

Tips to Teach Kids About Financial Literacy

Breakfast Television
Bob Gauvreau on Breakfast TV

Is Now A Good Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

Fox 5 Morning

Stretch Your Money

Good Morning Texas
Bob Gauvreau on Good Morning Texas

Investing During The Pandemic

Published by Authority Magazine
Two business people reviewing report

Thoughts on Business Leadership

Published by CanadianSME Magazine
Bob on a couch with the title Thoughts on Business Leadership

5 Tips to Avoid Burnout

Published by Journal of Accountancy
Professional with his head down on the desk

7 Ways Moving From a City to a Small Town Can Save You Money

Published by Business Insider
Downtown Peterborough

Effective Way To Settle Financial Anxiety

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4 Reasons The Coronavirus Could Convince You To Start a 401(k)

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12 Steps To Take When Deciding Whether To Become A Franchisee

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13 Reminders To Stay Positive, Tenacious And Confident At Work

Published by Forbes

13 Good Reasons To Go Back To School For A Career Change

Published by Forbes

Bob Gauvreau: Million Dollar Year

Kale Houser Leadership Secrets Podcast
Kale Houser and Bob Gauvreau

The Startup Gambit Podcast

Published by Haste and Hustle
Bob Gauvreau on Startup Gambit Podcast

4 Hacks to Foolproof your Business

The AskAviArya Show
Bob on The AskAviArya Podcat

The Evolution of Small Business Financial Management

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast by UpMyInfluence

Tax Benefits for Your Business

Startup Finance Podcast

The Wealthy Entrepreneur

The Montreal Entrepreneur Podcast
Bob Gauvreau on Montreal Entrepreneur Podcast

A Conversation with Bob Gauvreau

The Toronto Entrepreneurship Conference & Tradeshow
Bob Gauvreau at Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference

How To Become A Wealthy Entrepreneur

Wealth Without Bay Street Infinite Banking Podcast
Bob Gauvreau on Wealthy Without Bay Street Podcast

Financial Scoreboard Keynotes

Toronto Entrepreneur Conference
Bob Gauvreau Keynote at Toronto Entrepreneur Conference

Discussing Entrepreneurship | Small Business Talks

CanadianSME Magazine
Bob Gauvreau on SmallBusiness Talks

Find the Formula for Making Money and Gaining Financial Clarity in Your Business

Winning On Main Street
Bob Winning on Mainstreet

StudioPTBO Podcast


To Incorporate Or Not To Incorporate for Real Estate Agents

Dynamic Agent Special Session
PowerPoint Presentation on Incorporation for Realtors

Unveiling Tax Secrets: Real Estate Investing & the Power of Corporations for Agents!

John Papaloni Show
Bob Gauvreau and John Papaloni

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