Robert Gauvreau

Robert Gauvreau FCPA, FCA LPA

Founder and CEO of Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, Best-Selling Author of The Wealthy Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Business Coach

Robert is an award-winning FCPA who works exclusively with entrepreneurs to help them make more money and gain financial clarity in their businesses. As a financial expert and author, Robert shares his insight and wisdom as a public speaker, is often cited in major business journals related to money, finances, and entrepreneurship, and works directly with more than 500 businesses across North America, helping them build a better business and generate greater financial performance.

Bob challenges the status quo within the accounting industry. Unsatisfied with the limitations of conventional accounting, Bob turned down leadership opportunities with a global accounting firm for a life of entrepreneurship. His passion for helping entrepreneurs gain financial clarity and generate greater financial results in business led him to trade customary for creative, establishing a new and innovative firm concept.

The firm he founded in 2008, Gauvreau Accounting Tax Law Advisory, is now one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Businesses as recognized by The Globe and Mail, Maclean‘s and Financial Times. In just the last two years alone, the global pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for strategic financial advice. Bob’s dedication to helping entrepreneurs has led to the expansion of his business advisory services to include his best-selling book The Wealthy Entrepreneur his mastermind coaching program the Million Dollar Year, and his virtual event The Ascent Summit.

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How Bob Can Help

Speaking & Writing

Robert’s experience and knowledge makes him an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur seeking advice on how to build a successful business. Robert engages the North American entrepreneurial community as a highly sought-after public speaker and featured writer across television, podcasts, blogs and stages, (virtual and in-person).

Some notable speaking engagements include The Multifamily Real Estate Conference, Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference, CanadianSME Expo, The Ascent Summit, The Globe and Mail Small Business Summit, Breakfast Televisions and many more. 

As a result of his expertise in the field, Robert has become a leading authority on the topic as a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes and Forbes Coaches Council. 

Here Is A Sample of Robert’s Speaking Topics
4 Ways To Grow your Business: The Key Ingredients to Expanding Your Business

For entrepreneurs, it is important to understand where you can grow your business. Robert lays out the 4 important ways that will help entrepreneurs grow their businesses: increasing the number of clients served, the frequency of client purchase, increasing pricing of products and services, and retention. By focusing on these key areas, entrepreneurs can set their businesses up for success. Robert walks entrepreneurs through each of these steps so they can implement them in their own business and see the results for themselves. With his experience and guidance, you can take your business to the next level.

Amplifying Entrepreneurial Success: Achieving Goals and Creating The Future You Want

As an entrepreneur and speaker, Robert has helped countless business owners overcome the challenges of ambiguity and financial uncertainty. He does this by sharing the same business models that helped him grow his own company into a multi-million dollar enterprise. In addition to his vast experience, Robert is also a sympathetic figure who can relate to the difficulties of entrepreneurism firsthand. He often discusses his own obstacles and how he overcame them, providing valuable insights for other business owners. With his unique combination of knowledge and compassion, Robert has become a trusted resource for entrepreneurs across North America. Robert knows from experience that investing in oneself is essential to moving forward. He encourages entrepreneurs to take action and invest in themselves because he believes they can create anything they dream of if they commit to themselves and take the action Robert believes they can, the future can be anything they dream of. Robert's support and accountability help entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and create the future they want.

Financial Mastery Model: The Importance of Financial Clarity

As any successful business owner knows, a key ingredient to success is having a clear vision and the drive to achieve it. However, even the most talented and determined entrepreneurs can struggle when they lack the financial clarity to know how their business is performing and the financial confidence to make data-informed business decisions. This is where Robert's business coaching and mastermind program can help. His program is designed to help entrepreneurs implement the proven Financial Mastery Model in their business to optimize profit performance, generate revenue, and accumulate wealth. Through his own experience, Robert shares the tools that helped him to overcome these challenges and become successful. With his help, you can develop a sound financial plan for your business and achieve your goals.

Vision to Results Framework: The Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Robert has worked with over 500 entrepreneurs across North America and has helped them create their vision, execute goals, and create financial freedom in their business. The Vision to Results Framework was developed and has been proven to assist entrepreneurs with plan mapping & goal setting, growing & maximizing profit, minimizing costs, helping entrepreneurs stay accountable, optimizing cash flow, and helping grow wealth and guiding entrepreneurs to a path to realizing financial freedom. This system has been tried and tested by Robert himself and it has helped him create a successful business.

Robert Gauvreau Program

Million Dollar Year

Coaching and Mastermind Program for Ambitious Business Owners

Robert’s passion for helping entrepreneurs keeps him developing new and innovative solutions including his coaching program, Million Dollar Year. It‘s a one-of-a-kind community helping entrepreneurs identify their goals, create vision to results action plan, unlock their full potential, generate sustainable results, and create real impact in the world. The question is, are you ready?

The Wealthy Entrepreneur

The Formula for Making Money and Gaining Financial Clarity in Your Business.

As an entrepreneur, business strategist, and financial expert, author Robert Gauvreau works with over 500 entrepreneurs across North America, helping them create their vision, execute their goals, and create extraordinary financial results in their business.If you are looking to implement a simple framework that will provide you with financial clarity and extraordinary results in your business, The Wealthy Entrepreneur will get you started on your journey toward realizing financial freedom.

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