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Empowering Entrepreneurs
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Robert Gauvreau


Founder and Partner of Gauvreau & Associates CPA Firm and Author of The Wealthy Entrepreneur 

Robert Gauvreau is a FCPA who works exclusively with entrepreneurs and professionals to help them make more money and gain financial clarity in their businesses. As a financial expert and author, Robert shares his insight and wisdom as a public speaker, is often cited in major business journals related to money, finances, and entrepreneurship, and works directly with more than 500 businesses across North America, helping them build a better business and generate greater financial performance.

Television & Podcasts

Tips to Teach Kids About Financial Literacy

The Montreal Entrepreneur Podcast

Is It A Good Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

Stay Safe Financially – Managing Your Money  

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Interviewing THE Gary Vaynerchuk on his insights around life and business. 

The Ask Avi Arya Show

Featured to discuss 4 hacks to foolproof your business. 

The StudioPTBO Podcast

Featured to discuss how he is helping businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the COVID crisis.

The Evolution of SME Financial Management 

Featured to discuss the evolution of financial management and financial decision making for small business owners.

Business Leadership

Featured to discuss successful leadership during challenging times. 

Tax Benefits for Your Business 

Finding the right advisor for your SME and other tips on how to effectively manage your personal finance.

Profit For Contractors 

The 7 Key Financial Principles to Survive and Thrive In Today’s Tough Times, and the strategies you can use today to pivot.

Being Your Own CFO

Featured to discuss how to successfully be your own CFO and set the foundation for growth in your business.

Magazines & Digital Media

Investing During The Pandemic

What should I do with my money considering all of the volatility and uncertainty today?

Full Feature - Authority Magazine

Bob Gauvreau Article Banner Thoughts on Business Leadership

Thoughts on Business Leadership

For me, being a leader is providing the vision, the passion, the direction, and the example that your team looks to for inspiration.
Full Feature - Canadian SME


5 Tips to Avoid Burnout

Employee burn out increases sick days and lowers employee retention. Here are 5 tips to reduce burnout. Commentary - Journal of Accountancy


Effective Ways to Settle Financial Anxiety

Once you have clarity around what money you have coming in, and going out, you will feel a sense of calm just knowing where you are currently at.
Commentary - HERMONEY

Picture of downtown Peterborough shops

7 Ways Moving to a Small Town Could Save You Money

"As people turn their backs on cramped cities in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, small and suburban towns are becoming a more popular option. But is moving worth it, financially?"
Commentary - Business Insider


4 Reasons the Coronavirus Could Convince You to Start a 401K

Whenever there is a downturn in the economy, there presents a great opportunity for investment and to ride the economic wave back to the norm.
Commentary - yahoo!finance

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