It is not always about increasing the revenue in your business but more specifically, how to increase the profit of the business. We work closely and strategically with clients to increase their profits.

We offer customized virtual CFO services to our clients, as many small to medium business owners cannot afford a CFO. Our team of professionals provides CFO services to clients virtually for one tenth of the cost.

Some of the profit improvement services we offer consist of the following:

  • KPI’s – we determine the key performance indicators for your specific business and create dashboards that you can access daily, weekly and monthly so that you can make better informed decisions.
  • Critical drivers – these drive profit directly to your bottom line. Every business has 4-5 critical drivers unique to their business yet business owners don’t know them, manage them and hence drive them. They leave money on the table every time. We know how to identify them for each business and set up measures for them to focus on.
  • Budgets – we prepare budgets for our clients business costs for the next 12 months and differentiate between fixed and variable costs and come up with an breakeven point, that is, how much money that need to bring in to make no money (breakeven) and break it down to a daily/weekly or monthly number that is easy to know, remember, understand, and focus on.
  • Forecasting – of the sales and revenue targets for the next 12 months and then linking the budgets and cash flow to allow business owners to understand their cash position at all times. 90% of businesses do not do this. It will give you an edge!
  • Profitability analysis – Upon request, we are able to review periodic financial results and identify trends in profitability within the business, and/or compare the profitability of the business to similar competitors in the market. By reviewing the current and historical financial profitability of the business, the business can be strategically adjusted to ensure the full potential of the businesses profitability is realized into the future.